Single back :(

Nothing much I wanna say right now. She (my ex) left me again,for the third (maybe fourth) time. LOL this is crazy. People always said why I keep hanging around with her. Simple answer -
because of love for sure
. But its okay,this is the last time. I hope I will not do this mistake again. She left me because of the same reason 'Study'. LOL She did used that reason when she left me for the first time. I hope you got 4 flats this sem and all sem in UTP. Because yeah you can! Thanks for the memories. I’m going to be ridiculously awesome after this.

Starting tomorrow actually.

This evening I’m driving to the city and chilling with some friends, doing the usual stuff. Cooking and eating a shitload of food while being generally lazy about everything. Tonight I’m going to spend some times with my friends so hopefully I’ll have some super-mega-awesome stories to tell you lovely people when I get back. Which reminds me, I never did tell you what happened last time I went out. Maybe that’s a good thing though, it got pretty A.O rather quickly ;] No one wants me to talk about my nakedness. Well, I hope!

So now I’m off to pack my bags and pray to Allah that I don’t get lost in my life / my friends and family will always be with me / keep me on the right path / I don’t do anything stupid in my life. You know, the normal stuff.

I hope the rest of your week is simply amazing and I’ll be seeing you lovely people on another time :]

Pesanan untuk yang putus cinta. Baca doa kat bawah ni ye,semoga Allah gantikan seseorang yg lebih baik untuk kita. Amin


Lady said...

kalau Allah tetapkan dia jodoh kita. xkemana. btw, singgah sini.

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